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(Another) Great Taste Award!

Some awards hit us deeper than others. But the consistency by which we collect these is the greatest standard of quality we have.
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The Value of Company Values!

How important are the values that dictate how your company moves through the world. Do you stand by them? BY Foods founder self evaluates his values
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Preparation is key (and not in the way you think)!

As a business, I sometimes think we are best compared to a juggling act, balancing very different elements in the air, without loosing momentum and paying equal attention to every thing at once. As any juggler will tell you, though, eventually something will fall, no matter how good she is. In our case, our recurring mistake is to take the simple things for granted. Namely, that people will instinctively know how to prepare our products, as it seems second nature to us since we do it practically everyday.
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Gulfood 2020

The Gulfood 2020 trade show has come and gone. We noticed a lot less footfall than previous editions – probably due to the Covid-19 scare – but nothing that would hamper our experience and potential business expectations.
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Nata Pura MW, our Pastel de Nata focused brand, has cracked a revolutionary new tech that allows pastry regeneration from deep frozen to ready to eat in under 40 seconds, with zero loss of quality. This is an enormous jump from the 12 to 14 minutes of regeneration present in other similar products available in the market, and a huge convenience add on. As proprietor of this patented technology, BY Foods is the only company able to use this process.
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A New Face for New Challenges

We started out in 2014 as Nata Pura. That brand conflated both who we were and our product, and it made sense at the time. We WERE our product, in more ways than one. All business and profit considerations aside, then as now, we truly believe the Nata is a major contender in the world pastry market – even if the world pastry market does not know it yet. But that has changed. We were proven right. Instead of believing we now know.
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Popularity and Growth

There’s something about Portuguese pastries that makes us picture them on coffee shop shelves and market aisles all over the world. It’s not the fact that they are delicious – most pastries, anywhere in the world, are delicious – and it’s not anything related to any particularity of our gastronomic culture. Possibly, the reason for this perceived potential lies in a universal character that is unique to the way Portuguese pastries are confected.
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