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“In my professional life before the BY Foods endeavour, I was awarded the opportunity to travel extensively. That allowed me to sample many gastronomical cultures and witness which ones were stretching themselves outside of their sphere of cultural influence into the world market. And that made me think that my own country – with its 800 years of history, and particularly its century-old pastry and confectionery recipes, and deep-set tradition – had every chance and potential to take over the world market.
The challenge for us was to marry all the tradition and quality expected of a Portuguese pastry with a transport method and a logistics operation that did not tamper with the finished product. To do that we developed, marketed and launched each product at a time, independently. As such, we have solutions for each need our partners may experience, from retail to foodservice. We kept our packaging development as well as our marketing department in-house and at our partners’ disposal.

This work method, involved and sustainable, is the core of our strategy. Slowly but surely, we strive to shine a light on Portuguese gastronomic culture and show the world it is toe to toe with anything out there.”