The Queijada (spelt Kay-Jah-Duh) is a lip-smackingly sweet pastry from Portugal. Its compact shape hides the kick of flavour it provides; each single queijada perfected by hand, following a recipe honed throughout centuries and enhanced by the freshest ingredients available.

K-Jada is the brand that makes this delicious but little-known delicacy known to the global market.


The oldest known record that mentions Queijada dates to 1590, where a receipt of a ship’s cargo details this pastry as a form of payment. Better than money…

It’s popularity soared and made this pastry readily available throughout the whole of Portugal, and, slowly but surely, new variations started popping up, according to regional tastes and ingredients. No other pastry or traditional dish reflects so faithfully Portugal’s seafaring tradition. There are endless permutations of the Queijada, one for each exotic ingredient the Portuguese found in their travels.


The K-Jada brand encompasses the most popular flavours that match our ingredient quality standards and our transport logistic methodology. They represent an innovative product both in terms of market entry and logistic, and this is claim backed by centuries of benchmarking.

Any marketing material needed for successful product launch and consumer faithfulness can be developed alongside the client.


Every single K-Jada is handcrafted using the best ingredients. for example, Every carrot is delivered fresh to our production unit and peeled by hand moments before confection. each carrot Queijada has 41% carrot content.

Ultimately clean label.


K-Jadas are stored and transported at <-18ºC.  While frozen, they have a shelf life of 12 months.

They are fully baked and defrost at room temperature in about 2 hours.

Once defrosted they maintain all their organoleptic qualities and remain safe to eat for 5 days.

60 units foodservice packaging.