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Our Sustainability vision focus on 3 main pillars: 
PeoplePlanet and Profits.
We look to our future as the cause of our present, caring about our world, our people and use of business ethics, humbly contributing for the future of our world and society, so it turns to be brighter than the present.
Under such vision, we have defined, proceed and applied the following measures:
1. Products Ingredients 
Ingredients used in BY Foods products are all natural and locally sourced.
No use of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), but real cane sugar instead.
Products do not contain GMOs.
UHT MilkFree-Range Eggs and Wheat Flour are used, no powder ingredients, no use of preservatives or additives.
The only exception is with margarine, but in this case, we offer the highest sustainability standard in the market: 100% segregated RSPO palm oil.
2. Production Procedures 
During production, all ingredient packaging materials are separated for recycling, and all production waste is minimized and disposed of by environmentally tested processes.
3. Product Packaging
All the cardboard and corrugate packaging materials used on the product are recycled and recyclable. All packaging was designed to minimize material use and optimize transport so that we can have the smallest possible carbon footprint on logistics.
4. Recyclability
Although being recyclable, we are already working on a substitute for the aluminium tin foil used to bake the product. In the first quarter of 2020, we will replace these with paper baking cups that are much easier to recycle and handle correctly, eliminating completely the use of metal. 
5. Profits
Honesty and Integrity are absolutely fundamental values in our relations with all stakeholders. It is our aim to be as transparent as possible in all communications with the market. To be concise, direct and factual, always available to listen to critics, correct whatever we understand to be necessary, so a further quality step is achieved. 
Our profit aim is not to create profits at any cost, but instead provide the best possible products satisfying needs and expectations, because if we are able to do this, profit will arrive easily and naturally.
5) Plans for the Future
We are continuously looking for new procedures that contribute effectively for our sustainability program. We do it on a day to day basis with all our team involved, so a sustainability mindset is always in place.