TF1 Special Report

On the 17th of February, TF1 aired its segment Le Grand Format within its 8 o’clock news programme Journal de 20 Heures. It was all about the Nata, and how this little pastry from Portugal is taking over the world. It explained the origins, the craft and the business of the Pastel de Nata. We at BY Foods were heavily featured in our capacity as one of the largest exporter to the world market of the Pastel de Nata. Since then, contacts from French speaking Europe have poured in – proving that while broadcast TV is an antiquity, it sometimes rewards exposure with immense return!
Our signature brand Nata Pura was featured along other Portuguese sellers of such renown as the Pastéis de Belém and O Pãozinho das Marias. It is an honour to be recognised as one of the leading causes of the Nata’s surge in popularity worldwide.
Watch the full video here:

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